What to Look for When Buying a Dirt Bike

dirt bike

Motorcycles of all styles, including dirt bikes, get more popular every year. As the numbers are rising, more people are wondering how they can get their hands on a dirt bike.

There are some things you should know before buying a dirt bike. Keep reading to know what exactly to look for.


When buying a dirt bike, you’ll find that different brands and types range in price. The best way to lessen your options is to set a budget.

Look at your income and current financial obligations to see if you have enough for a new dirt bike or if you need to buy a used one.

Take the cost of parts into consideration and get an idea of how much maintenance would cost over time. If you’re new to riding, you’ll also need protective gear, boots, and a helmet so budget for that as well.

There are financing programs out there that can help you fund your purchase.


The size of a new dirt bike will impact your safety while you ride. It’s important that when you purchase a bike, it fits you. If you can take it for a ride before buying, take advantage of this opportunity!

Bike sizes vary based on CC size. Beginner riders that are small in stature can start with a bike that is 125 or 155 CC. These bikes are easier to control and handle.

When you are seated on the bike, make sure you can place the ball of your foot on the ground. If your feet are flat on the ground or if you can’t reach the ground, the bike is not the right size for your needs.

Intermediate and more experienced dirt bike riders fit better with 250 up to 150 CC sizes.

Type of Riding

Pricing and size are crucial factors when buying a dirt bike, but the type of riding you want to do is also important.

Bikes made for racing aren’t going to ride well on trails or at the dunes. In contrast, heavier and bigger bikes aren’t great for racing.

Think about the features of the bike you are interested in buying. If buying used, make sure the features match your needs and not just the needs of the previous owner.

A modified bike might not be able to revert back to its original condition. Find a bike that is already set up to match the activities you plan.

New vs. Used

Dirt bike financing options will depend on whether you buy new or used. Dirt bikes are made for hard use, so buying a used dirt bike is much different than buying a used car.

You can get a discount when buying used, but make sure the brand of bike you choose has a reputation for holding up over time. Buying new can get you exactly what you need for a higher price tag.

Buying a Dirt Bike: Financing Programs

Knowing what to look for when buying a dirt bike will help you make a smart purchase. Whether you want to buy a used or new dirt bike, our financing programs can help you fund your dreams.

Contact us today to learn about our unique financing options.

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