Dirt Bike Financing in Ontario: How to Finance a Dirt Bike

Dirt Bike Finance

What if you could get stronger, see the world, and cut down your stress at the same time? You can get those benefits and more as a dirt bike owner. Although dirt bikes cost less than a car or motorcycle, they aren’t cheap. Some dirt bikes sell for over $1,000. Asking about dirt bike finance can help you claim the ride of your dreams without paying everything upfront.

Continue reading as we explore the world of direct bike finance to assist with your purchase.

Do You Need Good Credit?

While a good credit score will assist with dirt bike financing, you can get the ride of your dreams with a low credit score. A good credit score will lower your rates and speed up the process.

If you are considering dirt bike financing but are not ready to commit, use this time to improve your credit score. Boosting your credit score by a few dozen points can knock some dollars off your monthly payment.

A FICO score of 719 or above will help you land attractive dirt bike financing. While you shouldn’t let bad credit intimidate you from reaching out, raising your score will help.

Payment Terms

Most companies in the dirt bike finance business allow you to make monthly payments spread across multiple years. While this set-up is similar to a house or car loan, the lower price of dirt bikes results in significantly lower monthly payments.

Adding more years to the payment term lowers your monthly payments, but you get charged more interest. If you reduce your term, you will pay more each month but fully pay off the dirt bike sooner.

Before pursuing negotiations, set a budget for your dirt bike. Assess your finances and decide the proper monthly payment for you. Budgeting your monthly payment will help you decide on acceptable payment terms.

The last thing any dirt biker wants is to give back the bike because they can’t keep up with monthly payments. Reviewing your other expenses will assist with making a prudent decision.

Receiving Pre-Approval Options

When you approach a lender with a pre-approval, they will take you more seriously. The pre-approval demonstrates your ability to make monthly payments and your commitment to making a purchase.

Not everyone gets easy access to pre-approval options in the world of dirt bike finance. All Pro Financing is an exception, giving applicants access to multiple pre-approval options in a matter of minutes.

Receiving these options will accelerate your path to financing a dirt bike investment.

Need Help Navigating the Dirt Bike Finance World?

You want dirt bike financing so you can finally buy the dirt bike of your dreams. You want to feel the adrenaline of your new ride and see the world.

All Pro Financing can help turn that dream into a reality. Contact us through our form to learn how we can assist with your dirt bike financing needs.

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