3 Big Benefits of Owning an Enclosed Cargo Trailer

enclosed cargo trailer

The Canadian construction industry has been blowing up in 2022. Every month, spending on construction increases. Currently, it’s worth $20.3 billion which is a 1.8% increase from March 2022.

These numbers are clear. There’s a huge demand for building all over Canada and it’s only getting bigger. That means a lot of construction jobs, which could mean a lot of transportation.

Considering the explosion in opportunity, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your trailer if you’ve been using an open trailer. If you’re deciding on your first trailer, starting with an enclosed trailer ensures you won’t have to upgrade unnecessarily.

Here are a few more reasons you should consider an enclosed cargo trailer for transporting the things you care about.

1. Multiple Uses

An enclosed trailer doesn’t have to have just one function. Getting an enclosed trailer means you can use it for a wide variety of purposes. You can even use enclosed trailers in some unexpected ways.

When not in use for transporting equipment, an enclosed trailer can make an ideal mobile office while working on location, for instance. Or you could moonlight with some moving gigs when you’re looking to make some extra money, as another example.

When you purchase an enclosed cargo trailer you’re opening the door to all manner of potential new revenue streams.

2. Saves Money

Securing enclosed cargo trailer finance to own your own enclosed cargo trailer means you don’t have to rent a trailer when you need one. This comes up more often than you might think. Those numbers can add up fast.

Having your own trailer also saves on wear and tear on your other vehicles like pickups and work vans. It’s tricky to calculate the financial toll of that wear and tear but it’s better to spend that money to buy an enclosed cargo trailer.

3. Security

One of the most important benefits of an enclosed cargo trailer is to ensure that your equipment will be safe. Theft has been rampant in recent years, particularly in cities where many construction jobs take place. It’s impossible to overstate how devastating the loss of all of your tools and equipment would be for your business.

Especially considering the fact that construction equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The simple fact of being able to store your equipment behind a door that locks is reason enough, alone, to invest in an enclosed trailer.

Having secure tools and equipment also guarantees that they’re being transported safely and securely. Not only are you guaranteeing your tools will be safe, you’re also ensuring the safety of the people around you.

As construction professionals, we know you need the right tool for the right job. Having the right tools sets you up for success. They also preserve your peace of mind along the way.

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